Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No good deed goes unpunished

Why does it seem like when you do something nice it seems to end up causing you grief? This past weekend I took my kids to Crazy Pinz to play in the ball pit. I didn’t think either of them getting hurt. We had been there several times before and they enjoy playing there. My kids had been really good the last weekend I had them and they had been really good on this weekend. I wanted to reward them for being good.

We arrived at Crazy Pinz and around 5:30pm and stayed until around 8:00pm. Everything seemed to be going ok as it normally would. Then my son and daughter came back to where I was and my daughter was crying. Inside the ball pit they have these large balls suspended from the top of the cage. They swing back and forth. They also have these cannons that you can put the foam rubber balls in and shoot at the people in the lower level. Some kid had pushed the large ball into my daughter causing her to fall against the metal handle of the cannon. The result I thought was a black eye for my daughter.

Today we took her to the doctor and he ran all his tests. The last test was an eye test to check her vision. The doctor indicated that she has less vision in the left eye than in the right eye. I am hoping that it is just swelling that is causing the problem. The doctor wants my daughter to see a specialist tomorrow. Now, This all started because I wanted to do something nice for my children. Seems to me that I cause my self-a lot of grief doing nice things for people. Seems like no good deed goes unpunished.


ida said...

is she left handed. sometimes you eye is weaker in your domanate hand. and perhaps this eye problem would have happened no matter what. i wont stress about it. you got a bunch of nosy other people for that more then likely. you know mom, school, and where ever else she goes. good idea taking her to the doc to cover your butt. dont stress you have dont everything you can do and you are a good man.

Ritchie said...

Good news. The eye doctor checked her out and she is fine. It is just a black eye. The coloring and eye problems will go away. He didn't find anything wrong!!

Sheila said...

Kids get hurt. Your daughter is unfortunately like her aunt "E". Remember the baseball you hit me in the eye with? How about the nail I stepped on? Roberts head meeting my leg in touch football? They are going to get hurt. It's part of life. All we can do is pray the good Lord watches over them and takes care of them. Sometime looking back I wonder how you and I survived growing up. LOL.... ;?)