Monday, May 25, 2009

Installing a 12 Volt DC power drop in my 1997 Camry

On of my hobbies is railfanning. I go out an watch and photograph trains. At times I take certain pieces of electronic equipment with me to add to my experience. I recently decided to make setup and operation of the equipment easier. One of the problems I have is the cigarette lighter plugs in this 1997 Camry don’t work when the keys are not in the car and the switch is not in the accessory setting. Therefore there are times when I leave the keys in the ignition with the window down on the car so that my equipment still operates. There is also the problem when I go to start the car it shuts down some of the equipment anyway. I also can’t operate my ham radio equipment at the high power setting. The solution to the problem was a direct power feed off the battery to the cockpit of the car.

Today I had all the parts to install the direct power feed. I ran the wire to the battery, I wired in a toggle switch to turn off everything beyond that point, wired in a test item that if I lost it wouldn’t be a big deal, then attempted to wire up to the battery and this is where things got ugly. I have a car alarm in the car that I don’t know how to operate. So when I reconnected the battery cable the car alarm goes off. I was doing everything to turn it off and nothing seemed to work. I finally figured it out and got it turned off. I finally got to throw the toggle switch and yea it works! I turned the power off at the toggle switch wired in my ham radio and wired in a power inverter (converts 12 volt DC to 120 volt AC) this gives me household outlets under the passenger seat. I double checked all my wiring and threw the switch again and everything worked without the keys in the ignition. My problem is now solved and I didn’t electrocute my self. I also installed a bigger wattage power inverter that I had on hand since the one I was using barely ran the equipment I wanted it to run. Sometime this week I will have to take it out on a test run to see how it works out. Sounds like fun.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

There should be a law against whining

On my way back from my daughter's graduation I stopped to take this photo. I couldn't agree more. Please "Stop Global Whining". Please stop whining in general. I think we need to outlaw whining. I am not sure who plastered this sticker on the stop sign, but I agree. I, however, don't agree with defacing public property. I at the moment can't stand it when I hear someone whining about life. People seem to whine about everything any more. People let's just get on with life. Whining about it won't help. I unfortunately used to be one of the whiners, but I found it didn't help at all and sometimes just made things worse. Oh well, I guess the people who are whining need something to do because they are board or something or they are hoping to get their way.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Congratulations Ashley!

Went down to Decatur tonight for my daughter Ashley's pre-school granduation. My daughter is the one on the far right. They had a little show with singing by the children, presented certificates to each child for graduation, and gave each child a gift. This was followed up by a meal. It was fun to see her at this event. Up Next: Kindergarden

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You got to love wrong numbers

I was out in my yard mowing the lawn and decided to come in for a rest and a drink. Sat at my computer while I was drinking some pop and my phone started making noise to remind me that I had an appointment that I wasn't going to. I went to the phone to shut off the reminder and noticed that I had a missed call. The call came from an Ohio number that I didn't reconize. I did recognize the area code so I thought it might be something related to the kids (from my ex-wifes families area code) so I decided to dial the number back.

A young lady answers the phone and I asked who it is. She ask who I was and I told her there was a missed call and I was wondering who it was. She said her girl friend had given her a phone number and she thought she had it memorized, but had dialed me by mistake. I told her she had a wrong number and hung up. Well about 10 seconds later my phone rings again and it was the same person. I asked who it was she gave me her first name then asked me mine. I gave only my first name. I told her again she had the wrong number. What happend next made me chuckel and brought a big smile to my face. I said by and started to hang up and before the phone was hung up I heard her say "G#d Da#n he sounds hot!". LOL! If she only knew. Needless to say I still have this grin on my face. I don't know if it was a prank call or a wrong number, but I got a good laugh.

Yes Virgina there are still phone booths

Just like a blast from the past there it is. Yes, I have spotted two of these babbies in town recently. I thought all the phone booths were gone or just a thing from the past. This one, sadly enough, was missing the door. The only thing I didn't see was Clark Kent rushing into it to change.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Fluffy and Buttercup

Ok, I am officially nuts. This afternoon I threw a birthday party for two cats. The things we do for our kids. My son expressed an interest at being here for the kittens (Fluffy and Buttercup) birthday. He wanted to stay overnight, but due to the distance and the fact I would have to get him up way early I didn't think it a good idea on a school night. So, I picked up the kids after work, transported them to Fort Wayne, and we had a birthday party for the kids (ok, the two human ones, and the three four legged ones).

My sons cat Fuzzy the tiger cat shown here came to live with me last March 30th (2008). Approximately two months later she had a litter of five kittens. Fluffy and Buttercup stayed on and the other two kittens that survived I found homes for. One year ago today was when the litter of five kittens were born.

Well, the party was a hit. I got to spend some time with my kids which is always good and the kids seemed to enjoy it as well. My son made sure all three cats had a feast like they had never seen before. When I left to take my son and daughter home the cats were all looking full and sleeping. Usually when I come back from somewhere the cats greet me at the door looking somewhat hungry (even though I keep dry food out for them). Today it was like "oh he's home. Oh well, back to the namp". I have another birthday party to plan for July 30th as that is the day my son chose for his cats birthday (Fuzzy).

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer time traditions

Today I have my kids and we are enjoying on of our summer time spots. The kids like to go to Psi Ote park behind Indian Village Elementary school. This is good with me as I can see trains roll by and they can go out In the park and go nuts. Its a good time for all. The park has upgraded the play ground equipment since I went to school here. We are again starting up the Summer time traditions that we have started. I guess this will work to keep them happy until they are older.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A man's best friend is his cat?

Normally at this time of the evening I am on my couch and I usually have cats sleeping around me. Today no cats to be seen. I am not sure were they are in the house at the moment. The two younger cats have a birthday next Tuesday so I will be letting my son plan something for their birthday. He wants to be here at my home on that day. Its a big thing for him. My cats do at times provide company and entertainment. They also end up frustrating me at times by detroying things in the house.

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