Sunday, May 24, 2009

There should be a law against whining

On my way back from my daughter's graduation I stopped to take this photo. I couldn't agree more. Please "Stop Global Whining". Please stop whining in general. I think we need to outlaw whining. I am not sure who plastered this sticker on the stop sign, but I agree. I, however, don't agree with defacing public property. I at the moment can't stand it when I hear someone whining about life. People seem to whine about everything any more. People let's just get on with life. Whining about it won't help. I unfortunately used to be one of the whiners, but I found it didn't help at all and sometimes just made things worse. Oh well, I guess the people who are whining need something to do because they are board or something or they are hoping to get their way.

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