Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You got to love wrong numbers

I was out in my yard mowing the lawn and decided to come in for a rest and a drink. Sat at my computer while I was drinking some pop and my phone started making noise to remind me that I had an appointment that I wasn't going to. I went to the phone to shut off the reminder and noticed that I had a missed call. The call came from an Ohio number that I didn't reconize. I did recognize the area code so I thought it might be something related to the kids (from my ex-wifes families area code) so I decided to dial the number back.

A young lady answers the phone and I asked who it is. She ask who I was and I told her there was a missed call and I was wondering who it was. She said her girl friend had given her a phone number and she thought she had it memorized, but had dialed me by mistake. I told her she had a wrong number and hung up. Well about 10 seconds later my phone rings again and it was the same person. I asked who it was she gave me her first name then asked me mine. I gave only my first name. I told her again she had the wrong number. What happend next made me chuckel and brought a big smile to my face. I said by and started to hang up and before the phone was hung up I heard her say "G#d Da#n he sounds hot!". LOL! If she only knew. Needless to say I still have this grin on my face. I don't know if it was a prank call or a wrong number, but I got a good laugh.


ida said...

uhhhh ritchie i know for sure you were hot back in the day. you might be hot now but i am just going threw a thing and cant see it for myself right now. but, i do know one thing for sure your personality is sizzlin......truth always wins out with me. though truth by ommison is not a good thing...oh well i havent seen that from you at all.

Sheila said...

Ritchie.. you are a good guy.... rare in this world, you are good looking and straight forward... .all the things any girl could ask for... shouldn't surprise you someone noticed. Glad you had a good laugh!