Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Fluffy and Buttercup

Ok, I am officially nuts. This afternoon I threw a birthday party for two cats. The things we do for our kids. My son expressed an interest at being here for the kittens (Fluffy and Buttercup) birthday. He wanted to stay overnight, but due to the distance and the fact I would have to get him up way early I didn't think it a good idea on a school night. So, I picked up the kids after work, transported them to Fort Wayne, and we had a birthday party for the kids (ok, the two human ones, and the three four legged ones).

My sons cat Fuzzy the tiger cat shown here came to live with me last March 30th (2008). Approximately two months later she had a litter of five kittens. Fluffy and Buttercup stayed on and the other two kittens that survived I found homes for. One year ago today was when the litter of five kittens were born.

Well, the party was a hit. I got to spend some time with my kids which is always good and the kids seemed to enjoy it as well. My son made sure all three cats had a feast like they had never seen before. When I left to take my son and daughter home the cats were all looking full and sleeping. Usually when I come back from somewhere the cats greet me at the door looking somewhat hungry (even though I keep dry food out for them). Today it was like "oh he's home. Oh well, back to the namp". I have another birthday party to plan for July 30th as that is the day my son chose for his cats birthday (Fuzzy).

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