Friday, September 30, 2011

Who's to say you can't have some fun with a point and shoot camera.

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I took this photo with my Canon Power shot SX100 camera just to test out the zoom on the camera one night while the kids were playing in the park. The Canon Power Shot SX100 is a point and shoot camera. I own a digital rebel which is a low end professional camera and I can't with the lenses I have get this photograph.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wind Power in Western Ohio

Just a short  drive East of Fort Wayne there as a seen that looks like something you might have seen out West a few years ago.  Along highway 30 East of New Haven there is a wind farm in place.  There are hundreds of these giant windmills silently turning to generate power.  I took these photographs one afternoon on my way home from Decatur.   My kids and I noticed them on our family vacation back in June to Deshler Ohio.  I had seen the giant blades on flat bed trucks going down 469, but didn't know exactly what it was I was looking at.  It is possible on a clear day to see these from the intersection of Highway 30 and 469 as you drive on 469.   The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette had an article on these that can be seen by clicking here. I personally don't like these giant machines because the block out the natural beauty of the land.  One of my favorite parts of going out rail fanning is being out in the country where I can enjoy nature.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Making it all worth while.

Eariler in the summer I decided that I would build a platform for my cats to sit on behind my couch so they could look out the Window when they wanted. I have three indoor cats and they had never had a place to look out. My son Dakota and I one Sunday afternoon decided it was time to build it. It was one of those father son type things that we could do together. From time to time when I come home from work I see one to three cats sitting on it at any given time. Today I am home on Vacation and Fuzzy (AKA Momma Kitty) was laying all streched out in front of the window. Needless to say the things we do for our kids and for our pets.