Monday, September 6, 2010

Ten Commandments tablets in Lagrange Indiana

On Tuesday this past week I was out and about enjoying one of my vacation days. It was a sunny day so I decided I would go out and train chase (take train photo's). Around 11am I decided since I was half way to Shipshewana that I would go the rest of the way and walk around for a while and see if maybe I could pick up a Christmas gift or two. On my way up to Shipshewana I was traveling on highway 20 through Lagrange Indiana. On the corner of highway 20 and highway 9 is this Ten Commandments plaque. You hear all the time how God is being taken out of everything. I was completely stunned to come aross this. I felt it was worthy of a few photographs and a quick blog post as it is on public land. God hasn't quite been taken out of everything. As can be seen in these photographs the concreate below the tablets is fresh so it hasn't been there very long.

Note: Click on the photo's to enlarge them to full size.

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