Sunday, April 15, 2012

"I'M Blessed! I woke up this morning!"

Due to the nature of the work I do for a living I come in contact with many people during my normal work day.  I have tendancy when I meet someone on the street to say "Hi, How are you today?".  And due to the nature of what I do people generally don't have a problem with it.  Most just respond with "I am ok".  I came across a man a few weeks ago who responded with "I'M blessed I woke up today". I couldn't help, but think "You know that is exactly right".  Although at times I find my self forgetting it. 

The last couple of days have been a real challenge.  I haven't felt the greatest.  My back and legs have been hurting to beat the band (I guess pain is one way we still feel alive). I have felt really tired and sleepy all day both days.  Saturday I had to work which involved a lot of walking and going up and down steps.   Today it was Church.  The good news is I got extra time with my kids, but I just didn't feel like having them here this weekend.  Extra work in getting their clothes ready for church and fixing meals and just being there for them.  Don't get me wrong I enjoyed having them here, but I just wish I had felt better.   I just wanted to lay in bed today not do anything.  There are other issues in my life at the moment, but I won't boar everyone with that information.  I guess I just need to remember what the man on the street said "I'm blessed because I woke up today".
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