Thursday, January 15, 2015

Google Drive -- Building Forms

I had been looking for a way to add a contact me form to my website.  Today I was working on updating my site when I stumbled on a video on YouTube that discussed creating a form using Google Drive.   I followed the instructions for creating the form, but I also wanted to be able to be notified via email that someone left a message.  The messages get stored in a spread sheet.  I also found another YouTube video on how to setup the email notification.  This has been on the list of nice to haves on my website for a long time.  Finally it is done.  View the two videos below for how to set this up.  The form can be embedded in your website as a HTML fragment. Works great!

Tutorial: Video on how to create the form using Google Drive. 

Tutorial: Emailing Results from a Google Drive Form. 

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