Tuesday, February 3, 2015

DIY: Laptop screen replacement (Dell Inspiron 14z-N411z)

 I am a do it your self person where possible.  About six months ago my son came home from visiting his mom with a broken laptop screen.   The laptop has sat on my project pile since then.  Last Tuesday (1/27/2015) I finally had the part to tackle this project.  The first thing I did when he brought it home was look to see if someone had done a video on how to do the screen replacement on YouTube.  I then looked to see if I could locate the appropriate part and made sure the part matched the one installed on the laptop then ordered the part. I have I have found many good how to video's on YouTube.   Found the video and reviewed it to see how complicated the  process of replacing the screen was.  Wasn't complicated at all very easy.  One connector and four screws.  The hardest part was gently removing the protective covering to get at the screws.  Then reinserting the tiny connector into the screen.  The how two video is listed below:

Here are some of my screen replacement pictures from Tuesday January 27, 2015.  This laptop is now up and working again.

Laptop screen cover removed and screen (on right) removed.  Back of screen is visible. 

New screen in place without protective cover over screws and connection. 

Protective cover replaced and ready to start back up. 

Laptop booted to Windows as was expected. 

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