Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Planted with love

Earlier this spring my mom and dad bought a package of seeds for my son. He brought them home and immediately wanted to plant them. I was tired at the time and told him we would do it the next time he came to stay with me. The next time when I picked him up he asked me where his seeds were.

I went to where I had stored them and got them for him. The next day he asked if we could plant them. Now at that time I just viewed this as something else I had to take care of when he wasn’t here. Oh great more work. Not wanting to discourage him I went and got the gardening tools and tilled up a couple of places for him to plant the seeds. I took a second to show him how to spread the seeds, told him to cover them up, then told him he needed to water them when he is done. He set out to do the rest. If it had been left to me we wouldn’t have had a flower garden.

They went home to be with their mother at the end of the weekend and I took up my role of caring for the plants. After a couple of weeks my children came to stay with me for the half of the summer. My son was very diligent in taking care of the plants that had sprouted from the seeds he planted. For the six weeks he was here he took care of them when they needed watering. The kids and I would go out there and monitor the progress as the weeks went by. After the six weeks were up and my son and daughter went home I found that each time I watered these plants I thought of my children and the time we had spent together. The times we had spent reviewing the progress that was made. On Sunday I took him out there and we took photo’s of the flowers. I told him he had done a great job with the flowers. My guess is this will be a tradition we will continue. Sometimes it is the simplest of things that bring the most satisfaction in life. It may have been my son wanted to see them grow or it may have been he wanted to make daddy’s house look a little better. It may be that they were planted with love.


ida said...

well we do something like that at my home too. me being a mailhandler working days i really cant get the weekends off yet. so during the spring and summer i have her help out in the yard. this last year she laid out mulch and someother things. got the hole in a stump (the tree was like over 100 years old when we had it taken down in 1999) filled in finally. and she laid out some flowers. this coming year i want to get some tomato plants and have a go at that. right now i have a bamboo shoot in the kitchen that is growing pretty well. i never plan to plant the bamboo. that stuff i heard goes like a weed in the soil. but, getting back to the point. planting is a fun thing to do and it reminds us of the ones we love.

Sheila said...

Sounds like it was a growing experience all the way around. He's a very loving child and it will be a memory you hold dear for years to come I am sure..

Joe said...

Looks like his blog thing is becoming a family event, haha! Welcome to the blogsophere!