Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When did it get to be "OK"

I have spent the better part of this afternoon feeling like crap, so I stopped at Walmart and bought some cookies and got a movie from Redbox. I brought the movie home and watched it. I decided I would return it to the Walgreens around the corner and just got back from doing that. While I was standing in line, yes there was a line, I saw a woman who had this written on her shirt. Now, I am sensoring the saying as I don't believe in profanity. The saying read "F you you F'n F". My kids call it the F word. She had it at least three times on her shirt and she had two little kids with her. I know this country believes in free speach, but this is just ridiculous. My son gets in trouble at school if he says "Freekin" and we allow people to walk around with sayings like this on their tee shirts. No wonder this country is going in the crapper.
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