Sunday, February 15, 2009

I will never understand people!

First, In no way is this post meant to offend anyone. I am just appalled at something that happened yesterday. I was standing in line to clock in talking with a couple of co-workers. The one was recently separated from his wife. He was talking with remorse about not having her any more. He has his kids and he talked about how the kids missed her, then in the next breath made this joke: "I need to find a friend with benefits soon. I don’t know about the whole relationship thing". The other guy said, "Let me know if she has any sisters". Maybe he was just trying to change the subject, but I just dropped out of the conversation at that point. It wasn’t funny to me.

I have always wondered why women think men only want thing from them. After talking with these Neanderthal’s I understand. I have had several conversations with male friends who pretty much verify that most men only want that one thing and don’t care about anything else when it comes to women. I am going to be blunt here, if sex is the only reason to have a woman in my life then I don’t need one!

To me a good relationship should be like a partnership. Both parties working together to get things done. Both are working toward the same goals. I was watching a talk show once and the host said, "What happens when it is time to take out the trash". Exactly, there is more to life than sex, money, and things you can buy and do. It should be about love, trust and respect. Communication is a key thing. Each party should be concerned about the others mental and physical wellbeing. It shouldn’t be about one person controlling the other.
For me, I am happily single. Now, I do what ever I want whenever I want and don’t have to argue about it. My marriage was like prison. I couldn’t go out for any length of time before I would receive a phone call from my wife. I don’t think in a relationship that you need to be together 24/7. I actually think being together all the time is a bad thing. It can go to the other extreme where you are not together enough so a healthy balance is needed. Based on observation I have formed an opinion of what one or two things women want from men. Based on this opinion I will most likely be happily single the rest of my life. I think my co-worker may have made his joke to lighten the mood, but I am sure I would not have made that joke.
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