Friday, February 20, 2009

The Verizon XV6900 Phone

Well, the other day I reported that I got a new phone. After three years and Verizon making me the right offer (FREE with contract renewal) I upgraded my phone. The XV6900 is the phone on the left in the picture above and my old LG9800 is the phone on the right.

The XV6900 is supposed to rival the IPhone. I have no frame of reference on this as I have not seen the IPhone, but the XV6900 has a lot of nice features. The 1500 applications that the IPhone boasts, well I doubt the XV6900 has that many, but it was loaded with what I wanted. I wanted a phone with a slightly larger screen (got it). I was hoping the lock on the phone would be improved (got it). I wanted to be able to post to my blog on the go (mobile - got it). I wanted to be able to update some Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that I use and sync them up with my PC (got it). I also wanted to be able to send short emails via text messaging (got it with a $10 extra charge per month for text messaging -- unlimited in-network and 500 out). I have had several of these smart phones and this is the first one that I have had that seems to work and work well. So far, no problems detected. Yesterday I installed Active Sync program and Synced my Microsoft Outlook contacts, Email, and Calendar with the phone so I now have all my contact information loaded.

Now, I loved my LG9800 and was reluctant to give it up, but I think I will like the new phone better after I get used to it. My LG9800 had one flaw, it was very easy to unlock. When closed the phone has another key pad on the front. To unlock the phone you simply hit the "OK" button twice. It was very easy to do when the phone was near say the seat belt. It also had a tendency to allow for numbers to be dialed with out actually intending to dial those numbers. I had a call last week that happened while I was at work that started at 7:30 and ended about 9am when I discovered my phone was on and there was an active call. 88 minutes of air time expended and my battery was nearly dead (the phone is 3 years old and the battery is weak now). Luckily for me I never use all my 450 anytime minutes so I still have about 150 minutes left until 2/23/09 when it resets.

The good news for my LG9800 is that it will be gone but not forgotten. I have decided to keep it charged. I will be taking off all the pictures and files, and putting on MPG3 music files as many as I can load on it. The phone had a great sound and I feel will make a great MP3 player. I believe in the box is tethered headset that I can use to listen to the music. I have a brand new case with belt loop on it so using it should be easy. I also allowed my kids to use it the last time they were with me to listen to music so sounds like a plan.

If you are interested in the XV6900 phone from Verizon wireless they have them on clearance now while supplies last. They are making room for a whole host of new phones that are coming out. They already have several new phones to choose from that has the Windows Mobile operating systems on it. So, heer is your chance to get a great phone cheep. Hopefully, if it works out as planned I will be posting to my blog a little more often (of course as time permits).
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