Friday, March 6, 2009

Daylight Savings Time Begins

On Sunday March 8, 2009 at 2am daylight Savings time begins. Time to SPRING forward one hour. So basically in the spring we spring forward (move one hour ahead) and in the fall we fall back (move back one hour). If the current time is now 5:30pm under daylight savings time starting Sunday the time would be 6:30pm. The good news here is that we all get to sleep in an extra hour on Monday. That is assuming my body doest have me up at the normal time. The internal clock thing you know. The bad news is that in the fall we all loose that hour of sleep. You just knew I was going to drop the other shoe didn't you.

I personally am not a fan of daylight Savings time. I think it is down right stupid to have us mess with our clocks twice a year. I am sure it is hard to get kids to bed in the summertime when the sun is just going down at 10pm. The cry is that it is still daylight out. The other bad thing here is that the kids will now be waiting at the bus stop again in the dark until and those of us who have to go to work say around 7ish will be driving in in the dark.

I am not sure what propogated this change to daylight savings time. All I know is that Indiana for the first forty one years of my life didn't mess with the clocks. I was very glad to live in Indiana when we didn't. It did create problems for me as I knew people in other states that were on a different time. They are for the most part all on the same time now. Now, changing the clock is a minor incovenience, but why do it at all. I heard it has something to do with milking the cows and their schedule. This just sounds like a lot of bull to me. Indiana can thank its changing of the time to "My Man Mitch -- IE: Mitch Daniels". Well, he isn't my man Mitch. I didn't vote for him. I will let you decide if you like daylight savings time or not. Just remember to set your clocks ahead one hour before you go to sleep on Saturday night or on Sunday morning when you get up. Your choice.
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