Monday, March 2, 2009

Found on Ebay

Ebay is a wonderful thing. Ebay is an on-line (internet based) auction site. If you are looking for something most likely you will find it. With a little practice and digging around for prices of stuff, you should come up with an item at a discounted price. However, I have seen auctions on Ebay go for well more than the item could be bought for new. Items can be purchased from anywhere in the world from Ebay. I bought my son a watch that was shipped here from Hong Kong China. As a seller I am restricting bidding on my items to just the United States only. You can put items on a watch list and check back later to see what price that item might be selling for. Ebay also provides you with email reminders that the item is selling soon so that you can go out there an check on the item. There are hundreds of items for sale on Ebay.

I currently have five auctions on ebay ending sometime in the next week. I will be putting more out there in the weeks to come. I have been rounding up stuff that I am not actively using and attempting to sell it off on Ebay. The hope is that I can turn that money around and pay a bill with it.

Here is one of my current auctions click the link to be taken to the auction to see what this looks like:

Radio Shack Pro 2054 Mobile/Base Scanner

There are fee's involved in the sale of the items. Ebay charges an insertion fee and this fee depends on the number of photo's of the item you have and how much the starting asking price is. Then they charge a fee based on how much it sells for. Buyers can use a service called Paypal to pay for purchases. Paypal is basically a shield between the buyer and seller to hide bank account details. With paypal you can setup checking accounts and/or credit cards to use to pay for your auctions. Paypal also offers a credit account (someting similar to a credit card) to pay for purchases a well. As a seller I am accepting Paypal payments allowing people to pay with the methods listed above. There is, of course, a small fee for this. You can also print shipping lables, pay and print postage, and have the item picked up for delivery. I haven't sold anything on Ebay in a number of years so we will see how this goes. I will post an update later.

To begin shopping on ebay you can go to this website:
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