Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A summer time tradition - First trip to the Zoo

 This year like no other year I have sprung for a Fort Wayne Childrens Zoo membership.  This years prices was $92 for a year.  They have completely redesigned the entry way and have a whole brand new system for allowing for entry.  I even got a permanent card to use.  When they swipe your card it tells you how much time it is until you have to renew your membership.  Now the regular price to get into the zoo is $13 for an adult and $8.50 for children.  So, using the membership yesterday resulted in getting $30 back on the $92 I paid.  I figure the 4th use will be free. The kids seem to enjoy going and seeing the animals and it gives me a way to keep them entertained for now.  In this blog I am including some pictures I took from yesterdays visit.  These photos can also be seen at www.flickr.com/railfandad 

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