Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Depression/Recession comes home

Tonight I went to a special union meeting to find out what is going on at work. I left feeling really depressed. I found out that I am guaranteed only four hours per paycheck (every two weeks). Tomorrow may quite possibly be my last day of work for one week. Then I may only get two days work then off who knows how long. This will be a way of life for me for the next while. As I still have a job I most likely can’t claim unemployment. I have two kids to support and how can I possibly do this on eight hours a month. I can’t even pay my bills. The bad news for me is I have no savings. I left my marriage (divorce) of fifteen years two years ago with nothing. Not that I took nothing into the marriage, but the savings I had was squandered during the marriage. Assuming I am off next week I will be Ebaying anything I can put my hands on (if I own it and it isn’t nailed down it will go). I will also be working on disposing of items that I don't think I need and don't think I can sell. I will be cleaning up in preperation to move. I am hoping this is not as bad as it looks, but it looks really bad at this point
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