Sunday, August 2, 2009

Equal rights

A man’s wife takes his children on a walk on a rainy day in 39-degree weather for seven hours. By the time she gets back their fingers are blue, their lips are blue, their ears are blue. She and the children are soaked from head to toe. They argued about this for an hour then they got the kids into the bathtub to warm them up. She goes to the kitchen and starts chopping up vegetables for dinner using a seven-inch kitchen knife. The wife then tries to stab her husband with the knife. He tries to block it, but the knife goes through his collar and slices his neck. She tries to stab him again and this time he tries to block it but he pops her in the mouth. She drops the knife and calls 911 telling the dispatcher that she is being hit and her husband is trying to kill her. He doesn’t allow her to hide the knife, but when the police arrive they don’t want to listen to him. Before they hand cuff him they even go as far as to draw their weapons on him.

They cuffed him and a female deputy takes the kids to the bedroom as they continue to discuss what happened. About fifteen minutes later the female deputy comes back and tells them he is telling the truth. The two daughters verified that their mom tried to kill him instead. They took the cuffs off and said "Your wife obviously needs help". The deputy added that she had coverage for mental health issues. Now, get this: What he did was a felony, what she did she wasn’t even arrested for it. When he called for help he was referred to a line for the perpetrators of violence. If you are interested in reading this full story read "NO ONE BELIEVED ME".

I have read about the equal rights amendment which would be the 28th amendment to the constitution of the United States of America. Based on the above story who is it that needs equal rights? Seems to me that men may need to fight for equal rights. The laws that we currently have are geared toward protecting women. But, yes Virgina there are those women who do bad things too. It isn’t a men’s only club. Do men have equal rights? This is just my opinion.
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