Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another First

Today as we went into Walmart my daughter asked me again if she could play the crane game to win a prize. Now she asks me this question every time we go into Walmart and I have told her no every time. I said no and we went about our shopping. On the way out of Walmart my son wanted a can of pop. We stopped to get a pop and I asked my daughter what kind she wanted. She said she wanted to play the game. I thought about it for a couple of seconds then gave her a choice, a can of pop, or play the game for a prize. She chose to play for a prize. I gave her fifty cents and one chance to win a prize. Low and behold she won a prize with that fifty cents. Now, she won a stuffed horse and she loves horses. She was absolutely thrilled with this. You would have thought I bought her something really expensive. It is too bad we as adults can't seem to be happy with simple things like this in life. It made her day and mine too just watching her reaction.
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