Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Can things get any worse?

Can things get any worse? Most likely we have all asked this question. The answer always is "YES". Yes, it can get worse. Today was my 44th birthday. I had a good day. It started early as I made my self-breakfast before work. My ex-wife let the kids call and they sang happy birthday to me. I was blessed with a beautiful sunny day to work in. After work I went to dinner with my sister and ended the day by eating cake with my parents and sister that my mother baked for my birthday.

My heart goes out to one of my co-workers today. This morning I was asked to sign a card for him. On Monday his wife who was only 32 years old passed away unexpectedly. This guy was always up beat and jolly. He seemed to be happy when I saw him. I can’t imagine what he is going though. Please pray for my co-worker John and his family.


Sheila said...

Will pray for him. Yes you are correct, things can be worse. Happy Birthday again!

ida said...

man, i am sorry ritchie...
i'm praying for him. she was so young.