Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The passing of a friend

Seems like over the years I have lost too many friends and yet another one. People who have been in your life for a while and you have talked to whom you seem to think will be around then they are gone. Art was one of the friends that I made about eight or so years ago through my model railroad hobby. For me I don’t do model railroading much anymore due to lack of money. I do; however, continue to attend the meetings from time to time.

Art would call me asking for help with his computer. I would make a time and go to his house and help with his computer issues. He would then take me to his basement and show me the work he was doing. His specialty when it came to model railroading was scenery. He was really good at doing scenery and was awarded one of the master model railroad awards from the National Model Railroad Association. More or less it was time to catch up and talk about things including trains and model railroading. I was always greeting enthusiastically and with a smile.

A week ago Monday I went to the hospital to see how he was doing. His wife and a couple of friends were there. We talked and I told them how there were these two locomotives in town that I tried to get pictures of. They were painted in Art’s favorite paint scheme "Denver and Rio Grande". I told them how I thought about Art when I was out knowing that these two locomotives were in town. At one point one of the friends said it appeared that he had a smile on his face. I went back on Thursday to see how he was doing. From the looks of things it didn’t look like it would be long.

On Monday at 3:45pm Art left this world for better things. Art will be missed by all that knew him. Art’s viewing will be at D.O. McComb and Sons at 1320 Dupont Rd on Friday between 5pm-8pm. The funeral is to follow.


Sheila said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your I know it hurts.

ida said...

it seems as we get older all our friends and co workers seem to slip away to heaven. hang in there ritchie.