Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Switch to DTV delayed in Senate!

The senate has voted to delay the switch to DTV according to an article on the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette's web site. According to this article Neilsons has estimated that tv's in 6.5 million households Tv's will go dark on February 17, 2009. The senate now wants to move that date back to June 12, 2009. It is expected that the house will also vote and pass this measure tomorrow.

First off, I would like to know where the 6.5 million cave dwellers live? The government has been pushing for this switch for a over two years. I know this has been talked about for more than two years. I bet if we check it has been nearly ten years since they started the buzz about this. I thought I was the only person who was out of touch, but there must be people out there who are more lost than I am. WOW! I know there is some miss-understandings about this, but it should be up to each individual to get the information they need and proactively make sure their household is ready.

The next thing I find interesting is that this is so important that our government has to work on it. I think we have more pressing issues to work on than watching TV. Those people who are unemployed are most likely trying to figure out how to pay there bills and TV doesn't seem that important to them at the moment. I know I am facing the unemployment possibility again and most things I thought were important don't seem to be at the moment.

Let's examine this coupon thing for a minute. Couldn't the government have issued us a coupon via a website that we could print and take to the retailer? The retailer could then take and send these coupons to the government for a refund? Why is it we have to have a credit card type thing to take in? Why have a coupon at all. Why not just subsidize the boxes directly with the retailers? Oh wait, a friend of mine said it all too well, it is another way of BIG BROTHER checking up on us. The problem I have here is that the boxes most likely have an inflated price. My bet is the box will sell for around $15 after the rebate program ends and will most likely be around $20 tax and all. I paid after coupon about $15 for each of the ones I have.

The last thing I will mention here is that the analog signals that TV is currently using is slated to be used for PUBLIC SAFTEY issues. Those signals travel farther than the current digital signal. In the vent of a disaster of some sort those frequencies could be used by govement, local, and state for communications purpose. This is the main reason for the govement is doing this. In my humble opinion the govement should just say "Tough. You didn't do anything when you were warned now deal with it". The change should happen as planned.

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