Friday, January 30, 2009

Things that make you go "HUM!"

On Tuesday this week, I went out and bought a new pair of boots. I went into the store and told the sales person that I needed a size 10. They started to go to the back and get some boots for me to try on, when they turned and said "Let's measure your feet". So off came my shoes and they said put your right foot in and let's see what size it is. They said "Ok. you need a 10 1/2." I said a 10 1/2? Yes, this foot needs a 10 1/2. Let's measure the other foot. Ok this foot needs a size 10 that would be ok. So at this point I am thinking, what are they going to do sell me two different size shoes? LOL!

The sales person then went to the back and brought out a size 10 1/2 boots and had me try on about three different pairs. After trying on a few I decided on the ones shown above. The sales person said, always fit the bigger foot. He was looking at my right foot through the sock and he said see your shoes are too small. See how the second toe on your right foot the knuckle is turning up!

It is amazing the things we learn sometimes. Here I have been buying the wrong size show for who knows how long. Someone told me that your feet continue to grow even after you are older. Don't know if it is true or not. I noticed today when I had dress shoes on for the first time in a while how much tighter the right shoe was than the left. Needless to say I have worn boots all day for the last three days with no problems with them hurting my feet. Before this pair of boots I dreaded putting them on they always seemed to rub my toes raw. I would commend the sales person on a job well done.
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