Monday, December 15, 2008

Centennial Wireless Christmas Display

On Saturday night after my kids and I did our yearly visit to the AWS Fantisy of lights I decided we would go out and see one of my colleges light display out off Covington road. On the way down State Street we were going past the head quarters for Centennial Wireless. Each and every year Centennial Wireless has a large Christmas display on their front lawn. This year was no exception. My daughter wanted to stop and walk through. My son at first didn't want to do it. We finally stopped and walked through the display.

This was our first year to walk through this display. This may also be the last year for us to walk through the display. AT&T is currently waiting on approval for their acquisition of Centennial Wireless The approval is expected to come through in the first quarter of next year. Even though this may be the last year they have the display at that location it was nice walking through the display with the kids. The good news for AT&T customers is their call quality will most likely go up if AT&T uses Centennial's network. In my opinion Centennial Wireless has the 2nd best cell phone service in the area. I have had cell phones with AT&T, Cingular, Centennial, and Verizon. In my opinion Verizon has the best service in the area. I have not tried US Cellular or T-mobile. Of all the places I have been Verizon service has very rarely failed. When I had AT&T I couldn't get or make calls in certain places in New Haven for instance. And when I was with Cingular I had a stretch of road were the calls dropped all the time.

Any way, we enjoyed our stop to walk though Centennial’s display and I hope there is a display to walk through again next year. Merry Christmas All!


Ritchie said...

I also had Sprint for a carrier for a while. Sprint dropped calls around WFFT-TV 55 back then. I could almost show you the exact spot where the call would drop.

ida said...

i got t mobile right now......i was sitting in the bathroom at work talking to my daughter i got my call dropped when the phone was on the right side of my body. i remade the call with phone on left side of body in the same stall. well, i have learned in that stall you just have to be careful how you talk on the phone. lol

Sheila said...

No the dropped calls in the bathroom stahls is just the etticate police saying dont do it.

I've always had Verizon. Love my Verizon wireless. There is a spot on Coliseum BLVD though where it will drop calls almost every time. Competitor has a blocking device of some sort there. Thems the breaks.