Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top Searches for 2008 according to MSN.COM

Happy New Year all!

As the year comes to a close I noticed on MSN web site an article about 2008 searches on the net. What were the most popular searches. One of those searches was for a "Death Calculator". So, for kicks and giggles I decided to try out a couple of these to see how much time I had left according to these "Death Calculators". Here are links to a couple of the ones I played with:

The idea here is for you to answer some questions and it will spit out an approximate death date for you. I went though and answered the questions. The good news for me is they think I will die around November 2037. Ok, I have a few years left yet. The bad news is the one indicated that I am considered obese (Yikes!). The questions they ask ranged from how much sleep do you get, how much exercise do you get, how is your nutrition, how often do you have sex, are you married.

Now, since I am unmarried sex isn’t an option at this point. But, for kicks and giggles I changed my answer to once a week and it said I would live five more years. I also changed my answer to married and it again gave me another five years. So all in all it claimed I would live 10 years more if I were married and had sex at least once a week. The problem I have with all this is that when I was married I never got sufficient sleep or rest and was completely miserable. I spent most of the last part of the marriage sleeping in a recliner. Everyone I know that is married is currently stressed out and miserable. I can’t see how being stressed out and miserable would make you have a longer life. I also wonder why we just couldn’t get some exercise in the form of a brisk walk or jogging or something. It was fun to change things around to see how the date would be affected. I think the bottom line is to eat right, get some exercise, and get your rest and sleep.

Again, Happy 2009!


Sheila said...

Ok.. I tried the two you did. One said I will die in the year 2042 the other said I would die October 14, 2048. So 81 years old? It's nutts what are the odds of that?

Ritchie said...

You did better than I did. I only managed the average for a man (72). I guess if I make it to November 7, 2037 then kick the bucket I will count that as a blessing. The problem is that is less than 30 years from now. I was hoping I might have about 30 years left. As Tim McGraw would say I will do it a little different in my next 30 years!

Sheila said...

There is no way they can actually tell when you're going to die. Hopefully we have another fifty years, but if we don't - well the grim reaper will have his hands full with me.