Saturday, December 13, 2008

Last Nights full moon

What is it about a full moon that makes people cranky. Last night was the brightest full moon of the year. The moon was at it’s closest to the earth at approximately 221,560 miles. The average distance is 238,855 miles. As I was pulling into my driveway the moon had just risen and my son made a comment about how big it was. According to the claims on the Internet the moon was to look about 30 percent bigger last night and it was at the closest to the earth in 15 years.

There is no definite proof that a full moon affects people’s behavior. However, a few years ago I delivered pizza for a living for a while to make ends meet after being laid off from my job. I can tell you from experience that I never liked the nights that the moon was full. People seemed to be crankier, nastier, and tips were always less. Last night I can say my kids were in rare form. They seemed more restless than most Friday nights. Nights when the moon is full it puts on a spectacular display. Last night was no exception. The view as I pulled into my driveway was breath taking indeed.


Sheila said...

Actually there have been a lot of studies that prove that the full moon does have an effect on people. This is due to the fact that it's closeness to the earth affects the gravitational pull. Either way. I have noticed on several jobs that people act weird on full moon days and nights. So it isn't just you. Great post!

ida said...

well i forgot to comment the other day when i read your post, but it opened up my mind to something so i did a little research on the topic for my own reasons. i read in many areas that it does affect the body becouse our bodys are made out of mostly water. alot of women have their waters break on nights of the full moon and deliver babys. they say its an old wives tale, but they are teaching it in med school. then men. lol they say men get a little more friskyier around the full moon. mmmm i did find that to be true. but i didnt make the connection till i read your little article and then i used it to my own good. so thanks ritchie. lol thanks you very much. have a Blessed christmas if i dont talk to you soon.

Ritchie said...

Well, I couldn't escape this even in my current job. I received a complaint my next day back to work on Saturday from an unsatified person. Doesn't it figure. Oh yea, did I forget to mention it was a woman that called in. I too have been grumpier this weekend so I guess it does affect your body.