Friday, December 19, 2008

Today's Icy Weather

Today I had the day off as part of my vacation. At this moment I am counting my blessings again. I am home and my power has been on all day long. Early this morning I turned on my Ham Radio to listen in and the first thing I hear is reports of people with out power. One person said it might be Sunday before they get their power back. Around an hour later I heard what I thought was thunder. It was later confirmed that it was indeed thunder as another discussion on the radio about how weird this weather is.

At one point today there were conflicting reports of how many people were without power. On report said 80,000 people in the area were with out power. Another report said 68,000. Let’s just say there was a lot at that moment. One guy on the radio works for the Huntington Count Sheriffs department was giving reports of power outages, which were spotty, on his way to work. One person indicated that the Red Cross had established a shelter at the memorial coliseum. There were reports of trees down and power lines down all day long. I was reading my email tonight and I am in several railroad yahoo groups and there were reports of trains hitting downed trees. Tonight I am thinking about those people who had to go to the coliseum to stay. I counting my blessings to be sitting here with power and enjoying an evening at home. I hope those people who are without power have their power is restored soon!


Sheila said...

Always count your blessings. It's a good thing to do. Nice pics.

ida said...

i heard thunder in the middle of winter a few years ago. it is a strange thing indeed. i was kinda worried the other day when it got in the 50's here in indy that we would get a tornado.