Sunday, December 21, 2008

Even Old Glory can't escape natures wrath

Today as I drove around town I started to notice some of the extent of the ice storm damage. Even Old Glory her self couldn’t withstand natures furry. Several flags were torn and tattered and very little of the large flag near Glennbrook Dodge remained. Yesterday I listened again to my Ham Radio and several of the conversations were related to the weather. One person indicated he had heard this was the worse ice storm we had ever had in this area. I can believe it. I drove over to the south side of town to help a friend and that side of town seems to have been hit harder than it was here. I would drive a few blocks and there would be a stop light out. I would drive a few more blocks and the power would be working. It was like that all over the south side of town.

A week or so ago I wrote that it looked like old man winter got an early start. At this point I am thinking we are in for a long hard winter. I am hoping this cold snap will pass, but I believe we are in for our first "real" Indiana winter in a long time. I am not really looking forward to two to three more months of snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain, and rain. Today at 4:56pm it was 0 degrees outside with the forecast for around 5 below (wind chill factors of up to 30 below). As of right now it is –2 degrees out there and when I was out today it was bitter cold. Oh Boy!


Sheila said...

Burrrrr! It was colder than cold out there in the wind. Good luck tomorrow and be careful if you work delivering mail.

ida said...

been cold here too. last few days there was a rush on mailing packages going threw the indy mpa. finally they cut back on the ot. and the volumn did decrease. it was busy last night, but still for december it was a morgue. been fighting a cold too. not a bad one but, just like work a constitent one. perhaps being in a heated building for a few days should help. merry christmas