Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sometimes we have to answer the tough questions!

Sometimes in life you have to answer the tough questions. First off I had a really good weekend this past weekend with the kids. I had the best Friday I had ever had with them. My ex-wife did something right the past week as they were both really happy. My son is doing better in school. I too am working to make their time with me the best that it can be.

Now, Sunday I was taking the kids over to Burger King to meet a friend. This friend has three boys and my kids play really well with those kids. On the way to Burger King we were passing buy some houses and my daughter says, "I wish we could have a house like that for me, Dakota, you Daddy, and mommy. Daddy why were you and mommy fighting in the truck". Now the day I left my ex-wife we had a big argument on the way home in the pickup truck that we owned at the time. I figured my daughter was to young to remember that, but I was wrong. She would have only been about three years old.

As I said before, sometimes you have to answer the tough questions. My answer was that mommy and daddy didn’t get along. This had nothing to do with you guys did it? The answer from them was "no". I then went on to explain that it had nothing to do with them. Daddy and mommy would never be together again. Maybe someday mommy would have someone new in her life and daddy might have someone new in his life. Daddy figured it would be just him that he didn’t think he would go for it again. We would have to just make the best of things as they are. I am sure they didn’t understand all of what I was telling them. As my uncle Orbin’s wife said once the damage is done it can not be undone. There would be no point for my ex-wife and I to get back together.

I wish my kids could have had the childhood that I had. It wasn't perfect nothing is, but I have fond memories of it. Unfortunately that isn’t possible. What is important now is that we make them as happy as possible. Get them used to the idea that mommy and daddy won’t be in the same house and that they have two homes. We have to be as fair with each other and civil as possible for their sake. Hopefully she understands that now and we can work together to make sure they grow up to be good people. I wasn’t sure I should post this, but it was just something on my mind. Things seem to be going in a good direction at the moment so I hope that continues.


Sheila said...

We were very lucky in deed.

ida said...

you two were very lucky. and i am glad that things are going better ritchie. i was worried.