Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The tale of two rooms

This afternoon I got a call from Satan (My ex-wife). Sorry, but I think the Satan reference fits at this point. I had just got home and was preparing to list some of my model railroad stuff on Ebay. I have $369 in state taxes due on April 15, 2009 and no money to pay this with. My ex-wife would go crying to her family or anyone she could find to get the money. I choose to not involve my family any more than I have to in my problems.
The call was that my son got in trouble again at school. My ex was letting me know that she was canceling letting him ride the four wheeler with ICY (the Komet Hockey Mascot) on Wednesday April 8, 2009. She said that they (the school) want help handling him and that they are talking counseling for him. They also said that they felt that my daughter might have the same issues. I informed my ex-wife that she already has those issues. Satan’s response was "It isn’t that bad yet". My response was "It will be". Then I went into the problem doesn’t appear to be at this end that my ex should examine what is happening there. She (Satan) got up set, got somewhat verbally abusive, accused me of not helping, and hung up the phone. I asked to talk with my son and my request has been ignored at this point. These are my kids too and I should be allowed to talk with him or them at anytime. Now, "I am not a perfect person. Nor am I the perfect parent, but I am attempting to do the best that I can. I want to be the best Dad I can be".

The main thing I would have you look at is his room. When we first started the divorce process, my ex-wife said "All you need is a one bedroom apartment". I said "No, the kids need their own space at my place". I have way more space here than I need, but I have a home for my kids and me. my son not only keeps his room clean and neat he did all the decorating in the room. I was invited into my ex-wife’s home and his room was a total wreck. I couldn’t even see the floor. His room at his mom’s said, "I am unhappy here". His room here says he is happy. My goal in life is not to cause my ex-wife problems with him, my goal is to be a better father to both my kids. I don’t know what I can do to help at this point.
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