Wednesday, April 29, 2009

17 Again

Yesterday went out to the movie and saw "17 Again". This is a movie about a guy that gets a chance to be 17 again. The twist is he doesn’t go back in time, but is about the same age as his teenage kids. This movie stars Mathew Perry (as Mike O’donell) and Leslie Mann (as Scarlett O’donell). The movie opens with a young Mike O’donell having his big day as a high school basketball star. In the crowd is a college basketball scout. If he does well then he will get a scholarship to college. Before the game we see young Mike O’donell talking with his girlfriend. She has something that she wants to tell him, but is reluctant to tell him before his big game. Finally we see them taking then it is game time. The game starts and Mike gets the opening tip. His girlfriend is leaving the Gym and he drops the ball and trots off the court. They talk and she has informed him that she is pregnant. He says the baby is the only thing that matters.

Fast forward about 17 years in the future and we have adult Mike and Scarlett who are getting a divorce. Mike is offered a chance to go back and do things over and be 17 again. Mike says he wants to do it and zap he is 17 again only he and his teenage daughter and son are all the same age and his soon to be ex-wife is still in her mid thirties. He gets the chance to interact with his children in the high school environment and fix the situation with his wife. He has to make the choice again to get the college basketball scholarship or go after the woman he loves.

I liked this movie and highly recommend it for your viewing pleasure. It does beg the questions "Would you do your life over if you had the opportunity?". I have asked my self-this question many times. If I had to be 17 again in today’s day and time I don’t think I would. Sometimes I feel like I would if I could go back in time with the knowledge I have now, but then I look at my son and daughter and if I changed anything I wouldn’t have them. At this point I feel like what I have been through is worth it for my kids. How would you feel about doing things over again?

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